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3 Things You Need To Know About PVC Vinyl Fabric

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You must take many factors into consideration when choosing an industrial fabric. The fabric you ultimately decide on must be durable enough to withstand the test of time, versatile enough to meet your design needs, and capable of meeting your specific requirements for use.

PVC vinyl fabric offers the most flexibility when it comes to industrial applications. Learn more about this unique type of fabric so that you can better determine if you should invest in PVC vinyl for future projects.

1. PVC Vinyl Has a Versatile Aesthetic

If you need your industrial fabric to look good in addition to performing well, then PVC vinyl is your best option.

The way that PVC vinyl is processed allows this fabric to take on a wide range of physical characteristics.

You can easily find PVC vinyl in almost any color you desire, and you can choose between a shiny or matte finish. Some PVC vinyl fabrics even have a textured surface.

No matter what type of aesthetic you are trying to create, you can find PVC vinyl that will complement your design.

2. PVC Vinyl Can Enhance Safety

Safety is a major concern in many industrial settings. The type of fabric that you incorporate into your projects can have a direct impact on the overall safety of your space. PVC vinyl is one of few fabrics that can actually enhance safety.

The specialized resin used to coat fabrics when creating PVC vinyl has an amorphous structure. It is this unique structure that allows PVC vinyl to be resistant to environmental stressors like fire, chemicals, or oils.

You can count on the safety and performance of PVC vinyl in any industrial setting.

3. PVC Vinyl Can Stretch

Modern PVC vinyl fabric contains quite a bit of stretch. In fact, you can obtain either a two-way stretch PVC vinyl or a four-way stretch PVC vinyl.

The two-way stretch variety tends to be a bit stiffer and is best suited for structured applications.

Four-way stretch PVC vinyl is very flexible, which makes this type of fabric perfect for any industrial project where movement is a must.

Having the ability to customize the amount of stretch contained within your PVC vinyl allows you to use this fabric to enhance the form and function of your industrial projects.

Industrial fabrics can be challenging to work with. By choosing the fabric that will best meet your needs, you can enhance the success of any industrial project you complete in the future.

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