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Selecting The Right Audio System For Your School's Needs

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Talking to a large group of people is tough but it is harder when the audio system you are trying to use is not working as it should. The system needs to provide crisp, clean audio that people can understand and that can be hard to achieve. If you are struggling to get decent sound from your school's audio system, it might be time for an upgrade.

Selecting the Right System For Your Space

Audio is one of the toughest things to get right. When your audio system is installed in the school's gym, it makes it tougher because the room is so large that it echoes easily. There is not much you can do to stop the echo, but getting a high-quality audio setup can help. Also, when you have it installed, you can get the tech to help tune it and train your audio people about the best use and setting for the system installed. If you are unsure what you need, the audio company can help you select the system that will work in your environment. The important thing is that the new system is an improvement over the old stuff.

To Move or Not To Move?

There are some very high-quality systems on the market that are designed to be taken down and moved to the location of your event. The speakers are mounted on stands and the mics, mixer board, and parts of the system can also be moved to a location. The parts of the system need to stray dry and cool when they are being used so if you are considering taking the system outside, be sure to have some tarps or sheet plastic ready for providing protection from the rain, should it happen.

Adding Lighting To Your System

Lights have long been a part of audiovisual setups and can add some great fun to the show or event. A sad moment on stream could be marked by a slightly blue can light at the stage or on the floor in front of the show. The possibilities are nearly endless and when you combine a good audio system with a good lighting system, your school plays and activities are going to be better than most shows that are put on in the local theater. If you are not sure about the audio or the video for your school's needs, talk to the pros at the audio-video supplier and ask them for recommendations on your professional school sound system installation.