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The Pros And Cons Of Purchasing A Tilt Trailer

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If you are looking to load items that are heavy to lift or cannot climb onto a trailer, you may be thinking about getting a tilt trailer.  A tilt trailer tilts at an angle, allowing you to easily load items from the ground onto the trailer. But they are not ideal for everyone or every situation. Learning the pros and cons of tilt trailers can help you decide it will meet your needs before you invest in one. Continue reading to learn more about these pros and cons:

The Cons of Purchasing a Tilt Trailer

  • The Cost

One of the downsides to purchasing a tilt trailer is the cost. Tilt trailers are expensive to both purchase and maintain. In fact, they are more than standard flatbed trailers or drop deck trailers. If you are on a budget and looking for a trailer, a tilt trailer may not fit within the budget you have. 

  • The Amount of Maintenance

The other disadvantage of this type of trailer is that it needs more care and maintenance than many other types of trailers. This is because you have to properly care for an maintain the mechanism that allows the trailer to tilt downward. If the mechanism is not properly oiled or if it begins to rust, it may be unable to tilt, which defeats the purpose of having this specific type of trailer. 

The Pros of Purchasing a Tilt Trailer

  • Helps Ensure Your Heavy Items Don't Get Damaged During Loading

The biggest benefit to a tilt trailer is that it helps you to load items onto your trailer without damaging the item. A tilt trailer tilts downward, creating a ramp that you can wheel your heavy items up onto. This helps to ensure you aren't injured while lifting the item or that the item is not damaged while trying to load it up into a trailer. 

  • Can Be Used for a Variety of Items

The other advantage to a tilt trailer is that it can be used for a variety of items. This includes ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, riding lawnmowers or tool chests. If you can wheel or push it up the ramp, you can use it. Many other trailers that lower or have ramps can only be used in limited situations, such as drop deck trailers. If you haul a variety of items, you want a trailer that can handle different items and a tilt trailer can. 

There are many different types of trailers out there, each with their own unique features and advantages. If you are looking for specific features in a trailer, talk to a company that sells trailers. They can help you determine if a tilt trailer, a drop deck trailer or even a standard flatbed trailer will be best for you given the items you want to haul, the amount of maintenance you want to perform and your budget. 

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