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Custom Wire Mesh Manufacturers: Key Things To Look For

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If you plan to develop a custom sifter, you may also want to customize its woven wire mesh materials. In that case, you'll need to work with a manufacturer that deals with wire mesh all the time. If they offer a couple of things in particular, you can be happy with how custom wire mesh development will play out.

Provide Access to Rare Materials If Requested

Some companies require wire mesh that features a unique material for their sifters. If you're in the same boat, then it's a good idea to look for a manufacturer that's able to provide access to rare materials with ease.

You won't have to search the market for a long time and thus get frustrated at any point. You'll just need to see what materials different manufacturers work with and have access to. Then you can refine your manufacturer search accordingly.

Make Sound Coating Recommendations

You don't want to leave custom wire mesh untreated for sifting applications because this will just degrade its condition over time. Then you may have to replace the wire mesh in a short period of time.

It's a much better idea to have protective coatings put on your custom wire mesh, even if it already features a durable material. You just need to find a manufacturer that can provide coating recommendations.

They'll suggest a protective coating that's perfect for how your sifter will be used and the environments it will be repeatedly exposed to. Ultimately, these coating suggestions can help you get a sifter that lasts a long time. 

Show Various Mesh Pattern Samples

Before you start to customize custom wire mesh for a sifter, you want to take into account the available mesh patterns. You won't struggle to do this if you work with a manufacturer capable of providing mesh pattern samples in person.

You can then see how custom wire mesh can be put together and thus how different options could work for your sifting operations. All you need to do is assess these samples long enough to make some important conclusions about which mesh patterns make the most sense based on how sifting will play out.

Sifters rely on wire mesh to screen materials, which is important for a lot of different industries. If you need these materials customized and thus plan to work with a manufacturer, look for a professional company that has reliable capabilities and ultimately makes this customization process easy to get through.