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Why You Should Choose Zinc For Your Die Cast Parts

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If you're an experienced manufacturer, you know just how effective die-casting can be to produce everything from bearings to nozzles to a wide range of other parts and tools. Die-cast parts can be found in nearly every type of manufactured product. As a manufacturer, you have a wide range of die-cast materials at your disposal, including copper, aluminum, lead, copper, and much more.

However, zinc may be the most efficient material available for die-cast parts. Zinc die casting is a widely popular manufacturing process, primarily because zinc is a flexible, durable, and cost-efficient material. Below are four reasons why you may want to consider zinc die casting for your production process:

Flexibility. Zinc is a highly flexible material that can be used to meet nearly any quality or quantity requirement. This makes zinc an ideal choice for high-volume, high-precision manufacturing processes. You can cast zinc to precise tolerances, which means zinc die casting can help you greatly reduce the risk of rework or machining. If precision and flexibility are important to you, then zinc could be the right material for your process.

Strength. Zinc is also one of the strongest metals available for die casting. It's one of the hardest alloys available and it also has a unique self-lubricating property. That means your zinc die-cast parts are likely to withstand nearly any kind of mechanical or manufacturing process. Self-lubrication makes zinc ideal for mechanical components like gears and pinions. Additionally, zinc is an effective thermal and electrical conductor, so it works well in processes that require shielding from heat or electrical elements.

Energy Efficiency. Energy is a significant cost in nearly every manufacturing process. Zinc die casting helps you minimize your energy costs by reducing the amount of heat needed to create molds. Zinc melts at lower temperatures than other metals, so it requires less energy during the casting process.

Sustainability. Do you have high sustainability standards? Sustainability is an important objective for many manufacturers today. Zinc helps you hit your sustainability targets in a couple of ways. First, its durability and long lifespan mean that your parts will last longer, eliminating waste. However, zinc is also a recyclable material, which eliminates your need to consume new materials.

Ready to use zinc die casting in your manufacturing process? Contact a zinc die casting firm like Pinjack International llc to help you implement a process. Zinc die casting could help you improve your efficiency, quality, and sustainability.