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Need To Buy Actuators? 3 Reasons You Should Purchase Electric Valve Actuators For Your Business

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Actuators are used to open and control valves. This is why you may hear this device referred to as a "mover".  Actuators can be used to open and close very small valves up to large industrial valves. If you need to purchase actuators for your business, you have different types to choose from. One of these types is electric valve actuators. There are many benefits of choosing this type, three of which are listed below. 

Electrically Operated

Electric activators are electrically operated so they open and close valves on their own. You do not have to have any employees to do this. Electrically operated actuators also open and close much faster. If you choose a manual actuator, you would have to hire an employee to stand next to the actuator and open and close the valves on their own. Your employees could not do it as quickly. Also, if there is any kind of problem, the electric actuator automatically shuts off to prevent further problems. An employee may not get the actuator to shut off fast enough.

Easy to Repair

Just like anything else, the actuators will wear down, and you will have to replace them or repair them to help you save money. Electric actuators are much easier to repair. They are also less expensive if you have to replace the valves.

For example, manual actuators go through much more abuse as they are handled manually throughout the day. This means they can break much more easily and quickly than actuators that are controlled electronically. There are also pneumatic actuators available. This type of actuator loses pressure often, which means your employees would have to stop each time to get the pressure back to normal.

Can Control the Electric Actuator Remotely

Electric actuators can be controlled remotely using a tablet or other type of handheld device. You can also control more than one actuator at a time, which means you would not need as many employees in the control room.

If you choose a manual actuator you would have to have many more employees in the control room to watch over each actuator.  Electric actuators can also save your company a lot of money as you would not have to hire as many employees.

Talk with an electric valve actuator manufacturer if you have any questions. They can also tell you many more benefits of choosing this type of actuator.