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2 Tips For Making Your Online Jewelry Shop's Shipping Boxes Shine

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If you own and operate an online jewelry store, you probably pay attention to each detail in every piece you sell, ensuring happy and repeat customers. However, you need not limit your meticulous attention to detail to your products, even extending personalized touches to your shipping boxes. Use the tips below to create customer-pleasing presentations while packaging your jewelry before shipment.

Choose Your Box Size

Before you start packing an order, you will first choose the box in which you wish to ship it. When selecting the box, try not to select one that is so small that the jewelry box will scrape the sides. You want your customer to have no problems with removing it without tearing the product's individual box. They may be giving your jewelry as a gift and wish to keep the corners and sides in pristine condition.

However, you do not want the box too big, jostling the jewelry box around while in transit. Instead, allow about a half of an inch to an inch around the product to give you ample room to wrap the box and include any paperwork needed.

Wrap Jewelry Box in Tissue Paper

Once you have selected the ideal shipping box, wrap the jewelry box in tissue paper. Not only does this help protect the sides of the gift box, but it also adds a personal touch to packaging. You could choose a color that matches your business logo, or one that complements the stones in the jewelry to give a distinctive wrapping for the item.

If it is within your budget, you might consider having tissue paper personalized with your logo. Along with making a rich, colorful presentation when your customer opens the shipping box, but it also reinforces the name and brand of your business. 

If you do decide to use personalized tissue paper and have more than one item to wrap, try to line up the curves of your logo on each item. The puzzle-like pattern makes your logo larger so it stands out even more once the receiver receives and opens up the package.

Creating an eye-popping packing presentation for your products can make your customers feel as though they are receiving personalized service from your online jewelry shop. For more ideas, contact a packaging supply company to discuss additional options within your budget that can help you package your wares in a way that your customers will appreciate. For more information, contact companies like Canyon State Box and Container.