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Don't Risk Injuries: How To Prevent Workplace Injuries When Working With Metal Stamping Equipment

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If your employees use metal stamping equipment during their workday, they face potential workplace injuries on a daily basis, as well. Metal stamping can lead to serious injuries, including crushing injuries to the hands and fingers. To help protect your employees, and keep your insurance costs down, you need to enforce safety procedures in the workplace. Your employees will be looking to you to set the safety standards at work. Here are three important steps you should take to prevent workplace injuries when working with metal stamping equipment.

Develop an Environment of Safety

If your employees don't think that you take safety seriously, they won't either. Unfortunately, that will create an environment that's perfect for workplace injuries. To prevent that from happening, you need to develop an environment of safety for your employees. First, insist that your employees always have the appropriate safety gear in place before heading to their workstations. Second, inspect their safety gear on a monthly basis. Third, encourage participation in developing safety standards for the workplace. Finally, reward safe work habits. When your employees see that you take safety seriously, they will too.

Conduct Safety Seminars

It's not enough to provide one safety training class for your employees. Safety training must be continual if you want to avoid workplace injuries. Conduct training classes for new hires, and then provide additional safety meetings on a weekly basis. It's also important to provide safety seminars on a monthly basis to discuss new techniques for encouraging safe working conditions. If your workplace encounters a safety issue before a scheduled meeting, you should gather your employees immediately to discuss the issues, and ways to avoid it in the future.

Train on Every New Piece of Equipment

Whenever you acquire a new piece of equipment, you should ensure that all your employees are trained on it before you put it into operation on the floor. Training should include all your employees, and not just the ones who will be using it. You never know when an emergency situation is going to arise, and all your employees should know how to operate the machine properly, especially if they may be called on to disconnect the system.

When it comes to avoiding injuries when using metal stamping equipment, it's crucial that your employees know that safety comes first. When employees rush to meet deadlines, corners can be cut, steps can be missed, and injuries can happen. To prevent injuries, always instill an environment where safety comes first. Work with a professional stamping service, like Hub Manufacturing & Metal Stamping, for further help.