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Dumpster Rental Price Quotes And Additional Fees You Should Know About

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If you are looking to get a dumpster rental to get rid of excess debris around your home, you should call various companies and obtain quotes. This will allow you to find a company that offers a fair and reasonable price for the dumpster. However, as you compare prices, it is important to consider how much various companies charge in additional fees. While you may not think that you will have to pay these additional fees, you never know what will happen and what circumstances may cause you to incur these add-on charges. Here are a few additional charges you need to be aware of and pay attention to while comparing price quotes from dumpster rental services.

Being Unable to Drop Off or Pick Up The Rental

When you are given a quote for a dumpster rental service, the quote includes the company picking up and dropping off the rental. However, if they are unable to do so when the time comes, you will incur an additional fee for them to either re-deliver it or attempt to pick it up at another time. Often times, this is referred to as a dry-run fee on your estimate or rental contract. There are many reasons why they may be unable to pick it up or drop it off. There may not be ample space in your yard or driveway for the dumpster or there may be cars blocking off the area where they would place the dumpster. If this is the case, the company will call you and if the issue can be quickly corrected, give you a short period of time to do so. However, if the situation can't be remedied quickly, the driver will have to come back later with or for your dumpster. Most companies charge a flat fee for this service to cover the added cost of gas and the driver's time.

Needing Additional Days

When you obtain quotes from a dumpster rental service, you specify how long you would like the dumpster for, and they quote you a price based on that time period. However, when you get the dumpster and begin cleaning out your yard or renovating your home, you may find that you need the dumpster longer than you originally thought. Many companies will offer you a flat daily rate to keep the dumpster longer. This helps cover the costs that they incur due to being unable to rent the dumpster out to another individual. Look over the estimates you receive to compare daily rental prices just in case you wind up needing more time with the dumpster.

Over the Weight Limit Charges

Typically, you pay a dumpster rental company one flat rate for the dumpster, based on the size of the dumpster. While most don't charge you per pound of trash, every dumpster rental company has a weight limit for how full their dumpsters can get. This weight limit is in place for two main reasons. First, dumps charge the dumpster rental service a certain amount of money to dispose of the waste in the dumpster. Prices go up if a certain weight limit is exceeded, which is why the company has to pass the cost on to you. Secondly, it costs more in gas to haul heavier items. The weight limits set by companies varies from a couple thousand pounds up to 10,000 pounds so always carefully read the estimate you receive to find out what the weight limit for the dumpster is and how much you are charged if you exceed that limit.

Overloaded Dumpster Fees  

The last fee you should pay close attention to on your dumpster rental service estimate is the cost of an overloaded dumpster. Dumpster rental companies do not want you to fill the dumpster higher than the lip of the container. This is because they have to tarp the dumpster when they move it, to ensure your trash and debris doesn't fly out during transport. If your dumpster is overfilled, the tarp may not fit, or the unit can be harder to cover.

When you obtain quotes for a dumpster rental, the price of the rental is important to pay attention to and consider when selecting a company. However, paying attention to the additional fees is also equally important. While you may not think that you will have to pay a re-drop off or re-pick up fee or go over the amount of weight included in your rental price, the unexpected can occur and unfortunately, the rental companies have to pass on the extra costs associated with these things to you, the consumer. Comparing these additional add-on fees, as well as the price of the dumpster rental, will help you find a company that offers fair prices.