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Taking The Pressure Off: Three Ways An Air Compressor Will Revolutionize Your Life

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An air-powered tool will help you get the job done in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the muscle. However, an air-powered tool is only as good as its air compressor. If you have an industrial-sized job, you need an industrial-sized compressor. But compressors come in varied sizes and aren't just limited to commercial work sites. Craftsmen and handymen use them too, and for a variety of purposes. From inflating the tire on your wheelbarrow to running your air brush, an air compressor just makes working with tools that much easier. If you never thought you needed to make the small investment necessary to purchase an air compressor, there's a whole list of reasons why you might want to reconsider:

Air Compressors are Versatile

For chores around the house, you can't beat the convenience of an air compressor. This is the tool you can use to inflate your air mattresses for sleepovers, top off your tire pressure before the big road trip, power your blower to clean the leaves off your driveway, and provide the pressure your paint gun needs to help you paint your home's exterior efficiently. Nearly every chore you can imagine is made easier if you have the power of an air compressor behind it.

Air Tools Cost Less, Weigh Less, and Have More Power

Individual air-powered tools such as screwdrivers, nail guns, air brushes, and drills tend to cost less than their battery-powered counterparts. The motor is inside the air compressor, instead of inside the tool, benefiting the user in more ways than one:

  • Air tools typically weigh less, making them easier to use for longer periods of time.
  • Air tools are more powerful than battery- or electric-powered tools. 
  • A single upgrade to a more powerful air compressor improves every air-powered tool you own. 
  • If your air compressor fails, you need only replace one item, instead of each tool individually.

The Right Air Compressor Can Handle Any Job

Some air-powered tools require more CFM, or cubic feet per minute, of air than others. And if you're a shop-owner or craftsman who regularly uses these types of tools, you'll want to make sure your air compressor is capable of running them efficiently. There's a compressor out there for every application, it's up to you to understand the minimum requirements you need to power the tools you use on a regular basis. The following air-powered tools require more CFM than others:

  • Orbital sanders
  • Die grinders
  • Dual Sanders
  • Needle scalers
  • Rotational Sanders
  • Shears

These tools typically require a continuous CFM rating of 24 or higher if you plan to use them steadily. If you use these tools in your day-to-day work, you'll need an air compressor powerful enough to operate them efficiently.

Whether you're a mechanic who works on the neighbors' cars on the side or a carpenter who makes his living crafting heirloom-quality furniture pieces, an air compressor and a good, reliable supply of air-powered tools will make your life easier than you could ever imagine. And for the do-it-yourself homeowner who just wants to add on a room, frame out a sun porch, or construct a new deck without the intervention of professionals, an air compressor is an absolute must. This is the single tool that will cut down on your build time in a substantial way. An air compressor makes you more efficient, more powerful, and more reliable while it makes your work easier, tighter, and more accurate. If you haven't yet taken the time to comparison shop for the right air compressor, today is the day to begin. For more information, contact a local equipment supplier like Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc.