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The Budget Friendly Hacks You Need To Create An Outdoor Living Area

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With summer quickly approaching, it is time to start thinking about creating an outdoor living space in your yard. Even on a very limited budget, you can create a beautiful space that you, your friends and your family will love hanging out in. If you are ready for summer parties, backyard BBQs and late night talks under the stars with friends, you will love these budget friendly patio ideas:


With rubber patio tiles, you can build a beautiful patio without leveling sand, heavy stones or professional help. Sold at many hardware stores, weather-resistance rubber patio tiles snap together easily, creating a smooth and seamless look. If rubber tiles are out of your budget, create a faux patio with an outdoor rug, or use a pop-up shade to create the parameters of an outdoor living space.

Fire Pit

Many hardware stores sell affordable fire pits, but if you prefer to get your hands dirty with a project, you can make your own with some gravel, a bit of sand and a few bricks or cinder blocks. Start by digging a hole in the ground – in the middle of your patio or in another area – fill it with a layer of gravel for drainage, top that with a layer of sand and surround the whole thing with bricks or cinder blocks. Alternatively, skip the hole, build a circle by stacking concrete tree rings and place a fire pit bowl or any other sturdy metal bowl in the middle of that.

Dining Table

Patio sets can be expensive, but if you see one you like, keep in mind that it's an investment for years to come and usually well worth the price. However, if you want to make or find a patio set on the cheap, here are a few ideas you should consider:

  • Place an old tabletop or large piece of wood on a fire pit frame and surround it with floor cushions

  • Contact your local parks and rec department to see if they are selling any old picnic tables – if so, buy one, sand it and paint it your favorite color

  • Buy folding banquet table legs, attach an old hollow core door to the top and cover with a fun vinyl tablecloth

  • Paint and stack two pallets and surround with pillows

  • Wait until the middle or end of summer and check your local hardware store for end-of-the-season deals on patio sets


Flowers draw the eye of the viewer, and as a result, they make any area look fantastic. Gather as many old containers – baskets, old drawers, toy trucks, rainboots or anything else – as you can find, fill them with dirt and throw in seeds of inexpensive hardy flowers such as petunias, Swan River daisies and asters. By the middle of summer, you will have a colorful array of floral decoration.   


You create ambiance with the little flourishes you use to take your outdoor living space from functional to fantastic. If you have a shade cover, add color to your outdoor space by hanging decorative tapestries on the frame of the shade. In lieu of tapestries, dye old sheets fun colors, and then, knot and drape them around your space.

If you have a patio, add a string of twinkly lights to the back of your house, or cover the patio in tealights or other small candles. To build cheap candle holders, buy a few five gallon buckets from a hardware store, spray paint them silver, drill holes all over the sides of the bucket and place candles inside it. The light from the candles will spray through the holes, creating a lantern-like effect.